Treatment Experience

It’s not about treating symptoms… It’s about treating patients, and arming each patient with the know-how and confidence to go out and manage their dysfunction.

“Just stop lifting” Isn’t an option, and avoiding provocation isn’t a means of effective treatment. With that in mind each patient gets an individualized corrective exercise plan, equipped with video instructions on how to perform each drill correctly and safely.

As a Chiropractor and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan knows that the goal is always to look to better improve function, and the corrective exercise plan allows for patients to continually be making strides towards their goal in between visits with the goal of giving them autonomy over their dysfunction and the tools in which to overcome it.

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Dr Jordan Shallow D.C

Dr Jordan Shallow is a graduate of the 135th class of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, but his passion for human movement go far beyond the classroom. With a critical mind and a decade of training/strength and conditioning under his belt he brings an experience level far beyond his years.

With his experience he also brings a level of empathy to his patients, after 15 years of competitive sports and an active lifestyle there is rarely an injury that is on his table that he, himself has not experienced.