Why is my low back tight?
By Dr Jordan Shallow DC

This is a question as old as time itself… And for chiropractors, its a question that gets asked A LOT. Now, the majority of people are happy with the answer “well, you sit to much”, or “your hips are tight”.

But after working for over a year on Silicon Valley’s top engineers, who share the same inquisitive mind of a four year old ¬†and who’s follow up question is undoubtably and unwaveringly “why?”. I had to dig a little deeper and find the real answer…

This Video highlights the importance of balancing shearing forces of the body, and start very simple with an example of the knee. From there, we take that simple concept and apply it to a more complex, and perhaps the most complex area of the body.The low back.


Stay Strong,

Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C