The Secret to 3D Delts
By: Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C

Rear delts flys are the atop the list of the most commonly mistaken exercises in the gym. Everyone has their subtle permutation to the movement and more often then not those changes are not optimal.

And this misinformation is to no fault of the lifter,  a lot of the confusion surrounding the proper range of motion stems from the name itself. The “rear felt fly” is usually automatically paired with its “pec fly” counter part and then the motion is just done in reverse.

But the rear delts are not antagonists to the pecs therefore a mirrored range of motion would render it an ineffective exercise. Which is often the case.

The two most common errors when training posterior delts are:

1) The lifter utilizes scapular retraction to create an overall longer range of motion, which initiates the traps and rhomboids.

2) The lifter attempts to bring the shoulder into extension, which becomes a function of the lats.

Keeping the intent of a protracted scapular position will allow for the posterior delt to move the humerus on the scapula with little to no assistance from secondary muscle groups.

Stay Strong,

Dr Jordan Shallow DC